Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Hell is not somewhere you go if your not a Christian, it's the failure of your life's greatest ambition." - Immortal Technique

Dreams are too important to be subject of life's inevitable slide to realism. Not everyone will achieve their dreams in grand fashion. Not every one's story will read like Gabby Sidibe's on a amazing alignment of circumstance. Not everyone will find a golden ticket, or be afforded an easy path to achieve their happiness. Not everyone will anointed with the providence of luck. However dreams, no matter how difficult or impeded should never be let go of. They should never wither through the ageing of time. For dreams are the lifeblood of purpose. Some know not their dreams until it is far too late, some never the moment to realize them. That is why if you have a will, if you have a spark, if you have a foundation to begin the lay the blocks of your dreams you must start laying. Lay not requirement, ultimatum, or foreshadowing in front of or behind them. Lay no excuse. They must exist only as what they are and not have susceptibilities. Dreams don't lay upon contingency.

They like children are pure.

It's is easy to become jaded by life. Positivity and altruism are traded for realism and an accepted dejection, pessimism. Even the tiniest doubts will accidentally and slowly poison our zest, until it renders us faraway. But our happiness and dreams must like children not be let go of. Clutch to them foolhardily. For only a perceived fool knows the love to not care of obstacles. Its is our realism that keeps old and purposeful obstacles in place.

Even if you move and inch everyday you still trek towards purpose. The inchworm will never find a new continent, however the inchworm knows it's purpose and even it's smallest journey "is". It becomes its path. In the words of a great teacher, to travel down the path you must become the path. Meaning we may never arrive at the footsteps of our greatest dreams specific invisionment, but while we pursued it, we become the dream. And so what if we cannot have them handed to us, if we never move because of the impossibility of it, therein will lie the only failure. And sometimes when we keep moving our feet towards our great impossibles, we put ourselves in the position to receive those bits of luck, providence, and circumstance that bless those that move and actualize.

But Alex, you say, you live with your head in the clouds. Life doesn't work that way. And you know what? Your right. If you believe that. And that belief is a choice. Choose dreams, choose happiness even if it doesn't seem to fit, or make sense. And give it time. Once those neuropathways open up to possibility of that which we don't know, life and reality unfurls differently. And all of a sudden happiness and hope are no longer tangible, they become stronger in their permanent intangibility, as our souls and love are.

Hold your dreams close and impervious. And do what you can. A true dream cannot be cracked by the hard nature of life. Do these things, shift your understandings, move.

I am welcoming myself back to the thinkers abbey, to which i have vacated for what seems too long. My mind, is my home away from home. If i could manifest it i can tell you what it looks like. And i will. But for now I am just thrilled to be back.