Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with Astrology!

I was having a quick laugh to myself whilst perusing the an astrology article by MSN. The article's name was "What drives you nuts?" And i read mine which is of course Sagittarius, and was only half satisfied with the answer. Basically I feel I only have 3 things that upset me and those are:

1. Callousness
2. Apathy
3. Bravado
4. Shit talking

Ok so there is a fourth. I wont try and expound upon these cause I may find more and I'm trying to keep my hindrances low. I actually don't even like identifying what it is i like and dislike because it makes me less pliable. And plus i cant stand people who prattle on and on about their peeves. However being dissatisfied with my sign's dislikes i decided to search the other signs dislikes and found a few that we a little more close to home as far as things in don't like. Ok, sick of seeing (dis) in every other word. Without further ado, here they are:

Libra:Contrary to popular opinion, your specialty, Libra, is not "balance" itself, it's restoring balance to unbalanced situations. So what you can't stand, more than anything else, is seeing lopsided, prejudiced, unfair, or discriminatory conditions. It brings out the cruise director, mediator, and judge in you. In other words, you put your own feelings aside to become whatever it takes to make things "nice" again.

Scorpio:Your sign is famous for its love of depth, intensity, and digging below the surface. So what makes you crazier than anything is meeting up with someone who goes out of his way to be shallow, cavalier about important issues (especially the ones you feel most strongly about) and superficial. It makes you wonder what he or she is really up to - and wondering is what keeps you from getting a decent night's sleep.

Sagittarius:You love to learn, travel, and have fun with interesting others. In short, if it's new, uncharted territory, if you feel that you're boldly going where no one has gone before - yourself in particular - then you're game. (What you can't stand - what you absolutely cannot and will not tolerate, no matter what - is boredom. [WRONG, I don't carry a standard of boredom, personally I have a peeve against people who are always bored, I know it's wrong, but something irks me about people always needing something new, fresh, and fun. Maybe its my own self loathing about NOT being new fresh and fun? People who are never satisfied, it bugs me because if you can be happy even in the boredom of life, then when something cool comes around you can know magic. Or maybe I still see magic in the everything, everyday.] That's your #1 Pet Peeve. A close second? Someone who dares to tell you "no," regardless of why. [Now this one is right on the money!!! Immensely, i know it's terrible.]

Pisces:Your specialty, Pisces, is emotions, maybe even more so than sentimental Cancer. You're comfortable sniffling and dabbing at your eyes during a sad movie (or a commercial, for that matter) and rather - no, extremely - proud of your ability to sense what's wrong with a loved one before they even realize it themselves. So what makes you most irritated is when someone tells you you're being "overly emotional." After all, in your eyes (which is what matters), can you ever be too emotional?

Yea, so there it is. I had to try hard to avoid massive tangents.



Tay said...

Well this makes sense, ya know. Since your birthday is actually on the sag/scorpio cusp it's natural that you wouldn't be a "complete" sag. The signs you chose we're interesting though. I can understand the libra...after all your two best friends are libra's; and what draws you to people has a lot to do with what you want to be around, a common bond, lol.

Fish, though? Ew. I think you've gotten flak for being "over emotional" not because you are BEING it, but because of how you act whilst going through it. Your emotional, or sensitive side I'll call it, often comes out in a scorpio manner should someone oppose or question your feelings of sensitivity at that moment. That tiny bit of scorpio comes out as sometimes (in a mild form, but bleh none the less) hostile. You wouldn’t acknowledge this though, because like a scorpio and a sag, you don’t like being told what you are, hehe.

The fish get's more down on themselves than standing up for their feelings when they're emotional. You stand up and voice your discomfort, like a scorpio would do. I could be worse though bean, you could be a taurus. *big grin*

Tay said...

Goodness...I should take more time in posting comments....

we're = were

Last paragraph should be "It could be" not "I" hahahaha

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