Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Best Speech Ever Given

Despite how complex our ideas, perspectives, and passions may be, one thing I know to be certain. That conviction, when genuine, stands alone and indestructible.

I for some time now after much research and deliberation have been tired and trod upon by where our country is going, and how we are slowly poisoning ourselves, and our perceptions. I have become tired of what my research has shown me. That our country has been hijacked, not by terrorists, but by interests that will bleed and ultimately destroy this country if to control and profit only but for a moment to satisfy the most wretched of urges.

My jaded perceptions were calmed, if only but for a moment, when i heard this man speak. Most of anyone will say that my calm is an absurd emotion and that i am just another fish hooked by great sounding promises. And if you believe that you very well might be right. However, if just for a moment, I could be blissfully ignorant, I found solace in this man's words. This man had the audacity to speak ideals, these ideals that the grownups try and rob us of when we turn the corner of maturity.

On August 28th 2008, on a cool night in the state where I was born, this man spoke to a nation. In his speech, thankfully, I had the audacity to hope.

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BeatricCaldwell said...

It's funny, I hadn't read the speech until today. He really had a chance to be something different but threw it all away to wave the Democratic party flag and bash McCain.

I had hoped that at least one candidate would see that two parties can't encompass the whole political landscape of the United States.