Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Night At The Theater.

I love the theater. Though I have many loves, the theater is one of my favorites. It was Maite that told me that old cinema, or theater the best stuff available. The ablity to act, sing, and sometimes dance all at once was a true measure of peformance talent. And i now know this to be true. I think that watching musical theater is slowly becoming lost on people, sad truly. While people are lost in the soup of Dancing With The Stars, American Idol (hides from Natali), and Keeping Up with the Fucking Kardashians, there are real people, dancing, singing, and portraying in ways cosmically better. Who the fuck cares about the Kardashians anywa....nevermind, i digress. I guess some would say, who the fuck cares about my blog, good point.

Well, my blog, i win.

So, here it is my, first real post. =D


Tay said...


Anonymous said...

*finds you*

you're forgiven. if only because you know i love the theater far more than silly reality TV. ;D