Saturday, May 3, 2008

To risk ones hand.

Well, this moment certainly was fun. Many years previous to this picture i remember as a boy growing up i was always around fireworks. It was a yearly tradition around the 4th of July and New Years. I have fond memories of my Grandpa bringing home a big bag of fireworks, or my Dad bringing me home some. Little firecrackers, spinners, rockets, blooms, snakes, even those little tanks that spit little sparks and rolled around. Ah yes and the sparklers, the smell of the barbecue with hint of phosphorus and sulfur lingering in the air. But now days, due to many careless users who injure themselves and others or start fires, many cities and safety focus groups are making it illegal to possess fireworks, and even the safe and sane ones.

Hmmmph, i say to that.

It's the same thing like when i was in Chemistry class. Because of sue happy parents, teachers can no longer perform chemical reactions and other cool stuff that our parents got to experience.

I don't know what it is inside me but there something so cool about fireworks. I guess its the sound and the presentation. Maybe its nostalgia. Who knows? I hope wherever i have my family it will be legal to enjoy them on the holidays, yes yes.


Anonymous said...

what exactly is going on here?!

Tay said...

oh that was a great night and a great picture too. I'm just so awesome! Hehe

Leaving comments via the iPhone during jury duty, wooo!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, i see now!

i also have very fond memories of waiting for the sun to go down on the 4th to set our humble street ablaze with a magical box of fireworks.

just how many topics will we cover that relate to the beautiful, innocent pleasures this generation is completely missing out on? =/

worst girl ever said...

fireworks ... very pretty and very scary!

xoxo2u said...

look at that firework. it looks like an angel lighting up next to you. by far the best picture.

Demitri said...